Dance musician Avicii wants to release a track with Chris Martin.

The Swedish producer would love to collaborate with the Coldplay singer because of the emotion he puts into all his songs.

Avicii - real name Tim Bergling - told the Daily Star newspaper: ''There's something with the way he writes and the feeling he brings with his voice that's unreal. It totally works in an EDM [electronic dance music] setting.''

Chris has previously made a foray into dance, with Coldplay cutting a track with producer Calvin Harris last year, although it has yet to be released.

He also credited the track 'I Go To Rio' by Peter Allen on the Coldplay single 'Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall' after he based the riff on a dance track which also sampled the same song.

Meanwhile Avicii has already worked with Leona Lewis on the track 'Collide' and promises he has lined up a stellar cast for his debut album, out later this year.

He said: ''I'm doing a lot of collaborations with a bunch of really talented people. I don't wanna say anything but it's not at all what people would expect.''