Avicii Unveils New Track 'Speed' At Burn Yard Live

Avicii Unveils New Track 'Speed' At Burn Yard Live

International DJ Avicii unveils brand new track, Speed (burn & Lotus F1® Team Mix) at burn Yard Live in Budapest.

Fans of music and street art gathered in the thousands this weekend to hear international super star Avicii drop brand new track Speed (burn & Lotus F1 Team Mix) at burn Yard Live. Fuelled by burn®, the new track is inspired by Avicii's first experience of F1® when he visited Lotus F1® Team at their Enstone home. Dance music fans all over the world can stream the new track in full now by logging on to the Burn Energy Drink Facebook page.

As part of the production process, burn gave Avicii his first experience of F1® by introducing him to Lotus F1® Team at Enstone in May. Immersing himself in the world of motorsport, the DJ met with Lotus F1® Team technicians and was fascinated by the creative processes and technical innovation that he saw. Landing in Ibiza for burn Residency the next morning, Avicii was so inspired by the visit that he immediately started to produce the track, Speed (burn & Lotus F1® Team Mix).

Avicii said: "A major inspiration for the track came from the day I spent at the Lotus F1 Team camp in Enstone. The principle of what they were doing there reminded me of producing music, constantly working to improve the car throughout the year any way they can and collecting data similar to feedback of a track. There are plenty of sounds associated with F1 to get inspired by so the process was very natural.It was rocking so much at burn Yard Live that when I played Speed I decided to try something different and mix it up with Aloe Blacc's vocals from my number 1 hit Wake Me Up. It was a cool night and that moment was definitely my highlight seeing the crowd go wild to my new track."

Since his debut, bedroom music-maker turned international superstar Avicii's music has burned through dancefloors across the globe like wildfire. Not content to be releasing his debut album TRUE and topping the charts in 39 countries across the world with his first album single Wake Me Up!, Avicii joined the global collective of cultural innovators taking part in the burn Yard program.

burn Yard is a new global program from burn, the leading energy drink from The Coca-Cola Company, designed to champion creativity. The burn Yard program aims to nurture and inspire creative talent and provide a platform to showcase groundbreaking ideas to the world and inspire everyday creativity in everyone.

Throughout burn Yard Live a crew of burn Residency DJs and electronic dance music legends from around the world kept the thousand-strong crowd on their feet, culminating in a headline appearance from Avicii. Residency DJs Yamoto, from Japan, and Italian duo Fire Flowerz along with Denmark's Rune RK and local Hungarian dance act Metha b2b Mira each took a turn at the decks as the event stretched into the early hours.

Prinz M. Pinakatt, Global Director Sports & Entertainment Marketing, The Coca-Cola Company said, "We always wanted our sponsorship of F1® to defy expectations and bring about a true collision of creativity amongst artists from completely different backgrounds. Hearing Avicii play Speed for the first time felt like a real celebration of all the work that has gone into the burn Yard program and, with so many artists coming together from all over the world, this has been a truly unique evening." 

World-renowned artists showcasing creative collaborations at burn Yard Live included street artist M-City, conceptual artist Gerry Judah, champion skateboarder Rune Glifberg and Lotus F1® Team. Another highlight of the evening saw Judah and Glifberg unveil a 'skate-able' sculpture to be used by the world's best skateboarders, which served as the centerpiece for burn Yard Live.

burn Yard Live, in Budapest, was the first in a series of public events where people can live the fusion of music, art and sports. Throughout the year, burn has produced an inspirational video documentary to tell the story of burn Yard. This will demonstrate how the Collective has been working together to produce innovative creative projects. The challenges and triumphs of their collaborations, including Avicii's production of Speed (burn & Lotus F1® Team Mix), will be told through this inspirational documentary.