Avril Lavigne has a "Hello Kitty bedroom" in her house.

The 'Bite Me' hitmaker - who just returned to her pop-punk roots on her latest LP 'Love Sux' - has kept hold of all the tiaras, crowns and stuffed Hello Kitty toys she's either received from fans or from photoshoots over the years and turned a room in her house into a shrine for the Japanese character.

Avril also revealed the same room has a "stripper pole" and all of her guests shotgun staying in there.

She said: "I collect tiaras and crowns, from all of my photoshoots and videos. I probably have 30. And Hello Kitty. I have a Hello Kitty bedroom in my house. I have this huge pink couch that has all these Hello Kitty stuffed animals on it, from tours and from fans as gifts. The house was built around the bedroom. It’s big and has a stripper pole. It’s a guest bedroom and everyone wants to stay in there. I also have a whole wall of Doc Martens, in every single colour."

Meanwhile, the 'Sk8er Boy' hitmaker revealed she is working with a designer on custom outfits for her upcoming tour.

She told Vogue: "I’m making all these custom outfits for myself right now with this awesome designer, Ashton Michael. I wish I had met him like 10 years ago. Onstage, you want your outfits to be elevated. This tour is gonna have my best stage outfits. Period."

As for the preparations for the shows, Avril revealed she will run for almost two hours while singing to build up her stamina.

She explained: "I do three weeks of rehearsals. Two weeks of band rehearsals, and then a week of pre-production. I deal with wardrobe, which has to be special, because it’s on-stage.

"I do cardio - running for an hour and a half and singing at the same time. Before my last tour, my friend and I walked every night. I was like, 'We’re doing 45 minutes of cardio!' We’d drink wine and walk."