Axl Rose gave his first interview for 20 years on Jimmy Kimmel Live, and was kind enough to give the lucky audience some free tickets for his 12-date stint at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Gigwise reports. 

"I think we got some tickets under the people's seats. There should be two sets of tickets if you reach under your seats," Rose told Kimmel, which lead an excited audience to delve under their seats to find, you guessed it, tickets. This was an incredibly rare appearance from Rose on television, and this was plain to see as the studio audience had to be calmed down by Kimmel when he entered the stage. His previous public outings have been shrouded in controversy, and his unpredictable personality has become somewhat of a USP, but Mr. Rose, now a family man, was calm and collected as he took to the couch circuit with consummate ease. 

Two things are happening soon; the presidential election and Halloween, and Rose had more to say about he latter, admitting that he's a big fan of the holiday, and even has a "Halloween tree". We don't really understand what that is, but if Axl does it: it's cool. He also spoke on politics, but only to say if he were to vote, it would probably be for Obama, but that he's 'not really a voter'.