Ayda Field gave up a huge sitcom role to be with Robbie Williams.

The 41-year-old actress recalled how she nearly signed up to a US television sitcom but in the end, decided to move to the UK to be with her now-husband and give up her career.

She shared: ''I met Rob in the very beginning of 2007 and we weren't even engaged or anything and we went to look at this house in Wiltshire and he kind of convinced me to move. And I was kind of still really in the throws of my career and I remember I was so in love with him but there was no ring on the finger. He definitely had disappointed me in the past so there was this real conflict. And I finally agreed to go over there and the day we got there and we landed I got offered another sitcom and he said, 'Turn it down, I want you to be with me' and that was the moment like the fork in the road. Like no one had ever offered me a series before, I had to work hard and I said no to it. And he said it was in that moment that he said he knew that he would always protect me and always take care of me. But I didn't know it at the time!''

And Ayda loves British people's sense of humour.

Speaking on her podcast, Postcards from the Edge, she added: ''I didn't really know much about anything until Rob grabbed me and dragged me to the other side of the world. I was kind of like you because my Grandmother lived in Paris my whole life so Paris was my favourite city. And when I was dating in LA, which was awful and tragic, I always felt like a square peg in a round hole, like I was crazy too and no one got my sense of humour. Everyone was so literal, there was no outside the box really and then I met Rob and he had this wicked sense of humour that was textured and layered and had dark and light. And he kind of opened my world and when I got to England I felt like I had found my spirit animal people. Because they tell it to you how it is, none of this fake b*******. They'll be s****y to your face and great to your face and I love that!''