Dance music sensation Baauer's Harlem Shake will be the soundtrack to a major demonstration in the Middle East next week (07Mar13).

Activists have announced they will be re-enacting the viral dance in front of the Muslim Brotherhood's headquarters in Moqattam, Egypt, as part of a protest.

Baauer's track has stormed the world's charts and online sites as fans create their own shake to his dance anthem and post the footage online.

And the tune's success has inspired activists in Egypt.

One protester says, "We're creating a new group called Satiric Revolutionary Struggle that aims to send clear messages to the Muslim Brotherhood through satire. The event is in front of the Muslim Brotherhood headquarters because we know their office is ruling the country."

Four students have already been arrested for performing a "scandalous act" by dancing to the Harlem Shake in their underwear.

The tune landed a second week at number one in America on Thursday (28Feb13).