Enough already! We’re officially calling an amnesty on all ideas for future Harlem Shake videos. The latest internet dance craze (which, if you ask, came a little too swiftly after Gangnam Style, giving us very little time to forget) ‘Harlem Shake’ is based on dance act Baauer’s tune and has prompted a slew of dance tribute videos, posted online by eager web enthusiasts, keen to get in on the action.

One of the latest groups to upload a Harlem Shake video is a bunch of Speedos models. Hang on… a bunch of swimwear models, in a pool, all jiggling around dancing to Harlem Shake? The mind boggles. The eyes boggle too, actually. The video was reportedly shot behind the scenes at Speedo’s latest campaign shoot and even shows a model sporting a snorkel taking to the pool and doing the Harlem Shake as the crew look on. Son, the models are joined by an underwater camera man, though it must be hard to film under water when your subjects are all jiving away, we imagine.

So far, the ‘Harlem Shake’ videos uploaded to YouTube have amassed a staggering 175 million views, collectively. Here at Contact, we reckon that’s plenty to be going on with for now. New internet viral dance craze required, please apply within.