Backstreet Boys star Howie Dorough has become the band's food hero over the years - because he'll eat whatever the locals cook up wherever he is in the world.
The singer has an adventurous palate and isn't afraid to try local delicacies, no matter how much they turn his bandmates' stomachs.
He says, "I eat anything and everything... When we're in these different countries, I always like to submerge myself and feel like I'm one of the locals.
"In China, the first time we were there... they said, 'This is our traditional thing here; you have a little bit of saki and a scorpion,' and I said, 'OK!'"
But it was a trip to India that made the singer rethink his love of bizarre food: "I ate everything that was on my plate... I got mad sick... I'm now thinking twice about eating everything."