A lawsuit against the boybands The Backstreet Boys and New Kids On The Block has been dismissed, after the two groups were blamed by a stagehand, who fractured his skull after falling before one of their concerts.

According to TMZ, the stagehand, named William Wesley Styron, tried to sue both boybands for $5 million for alleged injuries he says he sustained when he fell through a hole in the stage prior to a 2011 concert. Styron claims to have fractured his skull and suffered brain trauma as a result of the fall, and holds NKOTBSB and other parties responsible for the alleged damage he sustained.

The lawsuit was brought forward in July this year, after which NKOTBSB vehemently denied the allegations, claiming it wasn't their fault Styron failed to see the gaping hole in front of him. Now, with the matter out of the courts, it seems that they weren't the only ones who thought this, as the presiding judge agreed, ruling that responsibility for the fall actually lies with the production company who hired him and not the two bands.

TMZ wrote on their website that the judge told the two bands they "owed no duty to plaintiff that was breached when he was injured."