Samuel L. Jackson and the Backstreet Boys were among the stars who came together in Los Angeles on Thursday (25Apr13) to help Seth Rogen raise more than $400,000 (£250,000) for an Alzheimer's disease charity.

The Knocked Up actor and his wife Lauren Miller oversaw the second annual Hilarity for Charity bash, which they set up to raise funds for the Alzheimer's Association in honour of Miller's mother, who was diagnosed with the condition at the age of 55.

Comedian Kevin Hart took to the stage for a stand-up set, during which he joked about his recent Dui arrest, but the evening took a sombre turn when Samuel L. Jackson opened up about his own mother's battle with Alzheimer's prior to her death last year (12).

He told the audience, "I have the potential to be one of the people you're raising money for. It's a pretty devastating disease... but (those who have it) can also be very funny. I enjoyed her life and I'm glad I had her. You're all here and you're all going to be able to do something for a lot of people."

The Backstreet Boys provided the musical entertainment, performing a number of their hits, and Rogen revealed his director pal Judd Apatow had promised to match up to $15,000 (£9,375) in donations from the evening.

An email sent from Apatow to Rogen read, "If you don't donate, I will keep my money and spend it on private jets and Botox for my children. (Daughter) Maude has a wrinkle between her eyes I would like to smooth out, and Iris has some crow's feet that look terrible on 10 year olds."

Rogen joked, "He's had a lot to drink, so I just hope this is legally binding."