Period drama 'Wolf Hall' was the big winner at 2016's House of Fraser British Academy Television Awards, with the show taking home Best Drama Series and star Mark Rylance landing the Leading Actor accolade. Despite the happy news though, director Peter Kosminsky had something very serious to say about the BBC.

Wolf HallWolf Hall wins big at the BAFTA Television Awards

Unsurprisingly, 'Wolf Hall' - the recipient of the Best Miniseries Golden Globe earlier this year - has nailed the BAFTAs with two prizes, as Mark Rylance himself adds another shiny trophy to his collection, the latest of which include a BAFTA Film Award and an Oscar for 'Bridge Of Spies'. But it was Peter Kosminsky who got the biggest applause of the night.

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After saying his thanks for the prize given to 'Wolf Hall', Kosminsky turned attention to a much more pressing matter. 'In the week in which our Secretary of State John Whittingdale described the disappearance of the BBC as a tempting prospect, I'd like to say a few words in defence of that organisation', he began. 'I think most people would agree that the BBC's main job is to speak truth to power, to report to the British public without fear or favour no matter how unpalatable that might be to those in government.'

He went on to describe UK broadcasting as 'the envy of the world' and urged his listenders to fight for it. 'If we don't, blink and it will be gone', he said. 'There'll be no more 'Wolf Hall's, no more award-winning 'Dispatches' (documentaries on Channel 4), just a broadcasting landscape where the only determinant of whether something gets made is whether it's likely to line the pockets of its shareholders. It's time for us to stand up and say 'no' to this dangerous nonsense.'

Kosminsky earned himself a standing ovation following his rousing speech, casting quite the shadow over the rest of the awards ceremony. Other winners included Mini Series 'This Is England '90' and the show's Supporting Actress Chanel Cresswell, 'Doctor Foster' star Suranne Jones as Leading Actress and Tom Courtenay from 'Unforgotten' as Supporting Actor. The Radio Times Audience Award went to 'Poldark', while Lenny Henry took home a BAFTA Special Award and 'Transparent' beat the likes of 'Narcos' and 'The Good Wife' for International series.