At 70 year of age Mick Jagger is still as much of a lothario today as he was back in the days when he was a young playboy! Since the tragic death of Jagger’s girlfriend, L’wren Scott, nearly three months ago the rocker has been recovering the only way that he knows how. Lots of partying and lots of girls.

Bar Rafaeli Mick JaggerRolling Stone frontman Mick Jagger has been up to his old tricks

The Rolling Stones are currently on tour in Israel, where Jagger was pictured a few days ago posing with Israeli model Noa Tishby following a gig in Tel Aviv. Just days beforehand Jagger had been snapped on the balcony of his hotel in Zurich with a pretty young brunette, who appeared to be wearing one of his t-shirts. Suspicious!

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A friend of Jagger's explained: “He’s been up to his old tricks with women since the tour started a couple of weeks ago. There have been several already. Everybody is really pleased about it, delighted actually. It’s god to see him back in the saddle. The woman in Zurich, he picked up in a nightclub. It was just a passing fling and is over now and he has moved onto the next one. To Jagger, having sex is like taking a beer out of the fridge.”

That may be the case, but not everyone is quite as please that Jagger is on the prowl again. After he was recently seen partying with Israeli supermodel and ex of Leonardo DiCaprio, BAR RAFAELI, her boyfriend split up with her. Rafaeli’s boyfriend, Adi Ezra, is alleged to have accused her of dancing too close to the notorious womaniser. The pair then, apparently, had a huge argument, which resulted in them splitting up and they have reportedly not spoken since. Seems like a little bit of an overreaction, particularly since Rafaeli recently admitted how serious she was about Ezra and they took a romantic trip to Thailand together in March. She told Hello! Magazine: “I’m in a relationship, there’s a special guy in my life, we’re not talking marriage yet.”

It’s not just Rafaeli’s boyfriend who is unhappy that Jagger is back up to his old tricks, even if his encounter with the supermodel did sound harmless. The sister of his late ex, Jan Shane, who was estranged from L’Wren, said: “And people wonder why L’Wren was so depressed…These pictures make me really wonder what Mick is thinking and feeling.”

Bar Rafaeli Mick JaggerBar's boyfriend was aparently unhappy with how close she was dancing to Mick Jagger

We hope that Ezra has come round, Bar can’t be blamed for wanting to dance near Mick Jagger.  She probably just wanted to pick up some of his legendary dance techniques. You know, so that she could legitimately say she’s got the moves like Jagger.

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