It may be a star-studded line-up performing at the Barack Obama inauguration today at the White House in Washington DC – featuring Beyonce, Kelly Clarkson and James Taylor - but the event as a whole will be a pared-down affair, in keeping with the expectations that the President wants the public to have about his next four years in charge.

As has been widely reported, Beyonce will be singing the US national anthem ‘The Star-Spangled Banner’, with Kelly Clarkson and James Taylor singing patriotic songs ‘My Country, Tis Of Thee’ and ‘America The Beautiful’ respectively. The ceremony will focus on Obama laying out his vision for the next four years, with the country gripped in financial turmoil. However, if things are going to be relatively austere there, then elsewhere the Kids Inaugural Concert held in honor of the President’s new term saw the likes of Katy Perry and Usher celebrate the new era in style. Hosted by First Lady Michelle Obama at the Washington Convention Center, the event was for her daughters, and saw Nick Cannon emcee the evening, with the Glee cast also among those performing in the evening.

Elsewhere things weren’t so celebratory; a staff writer wrote on his Twitter that rapper Lupe Fiasco – playing the StartUp RockOn concert in Washington as part of the celebrations – launched into a 30 minute tirade against Obama, eventually being led from the stage by security.

Check out Lupe Fiasco being escorted from the stage