Barack Obama’s inauguration as the 44th President of The United States of America was a tremendous stepping-stone for the western world; a black man in charge of the free world - it was exhilarating. His reputation hasn’t remained entirely unblemished, though, and with a string of political controversies plaguing his tenure at the oval office, opinion isn’t so rosy any more.

ObamaObama is really into his highly rated TV

One of Obama’s integral selling points to voters is his communication with young people. He was supported by the likes of Matt Damon and Jay-Z in his election campaign back in 2008, and before his win in 2009 to become America’s first black president, the youth were firmly behind him.

All of this; everything I’ve just said, means nothing because Barack Obama watches 'House of Cards' and 'True Detective' – my two favourite things at the moment. Just think – for a second – think about what that means.

It means someone, somewhere, sorted out a Netflix account for Mr. Obama

There’s no way Obama logged on to Netflix, typed his card details and started a free one-month trial with Netflix. Some spotty assistant did it, and knows the details. They’re probably [email protected], and the password is probably democraticz. Just imagine that.

It means Obama watches Kevin Spacey manipulate the political landscape, and finds it entertaining

Obama loves House of Cards. He Tweeted out telling people not to spoil it as Netflix put whole seasons of their original content at once. We’re obviously choosing to ignore the fact that Obama probably did this as a publicity stunt to maintain the vote of the youth – old people don’t even know what House of Cards is, so ignore it and assume he’s talking about a book.

More importantly, though, President Obama enjoys watching a man forensically dismantle people’s lives in order to prosper on a political and personal platform. There are no more words beginning with p. He being the President, watches Frank Underwood, the Vice President of The United States, who barely has time to play God of War.

Think about that.

Obama Has HBO. Or he illegally downloads True Detective.

It doesn’t really matter that Obama has HBO, but then again it really, really does. He sits there with Michelle and eats an entire ice cream sandwich while Rustin Cohle talks about time being a banana stuck on a bus without its banana pass. Think of that. Think of Obama missing his Sunday night fix of True Det. and catching up while Biden tries to explain the situation in Ukraine.

Either that or Obama has no shame in torrenting True Detective. We’ve heard it goes up pretty soon after HBO air it and you can get it in true, true HD if you like.

Sadly, though, this is what it really means: President Obama is trying to be down with the kids

At some point in his time in office, a young buck PR hotshot has sat Obama down and force fed him information on what to say, do and watch. House of Cards and True Detective are all very much ‘in’ at the moment, and if you do watch House of Cards, you’ll know nothing said in public is an accident. Perhaps we’ve only got Claire’s interview to guide us to hope.

Obama miamiHe obviously watches all his shows on this massive plane!