Sunny is the new White House puppy and member of the Obama family. The White House made an announcement on their official website that the Obama family have a new pet. It has given a unique insight into the lives of the First Family.

Michelle Obama
Michelle Obama delivering a speech in Florida, February 2013.

Sunny is a Portuguese water dog and the same breed as Bo, the family's other dog. This breed of dog has been specially chosen owing to its "robust coat" (according to MNN) in order to accommodate Malia Obama's allergies. Sunny is just over a year old, and despite her breed, is an American born and bred. She was born in Michigan in June 2012. 

Watch the White House video of Sunny and Bo:

The White House released a press release which included a video of Sunny and Bo playing on the lawn. They seem to be firm friends already! Barack Obama also tweeted a picture of Sunny with the caption "Welcome to the family, Sunny."

Barack and Michelle Obama have two daughters: Malia aged fifteen and Natasha (known as Sasha) aged twelve. Barack has promised his two daughters a puppy to take with them to the White House in his victory speech in 2009. Although they hoped to adopt an animal from a rescue centre, it was reported Senator Ted Kennedy gave the family a dog, later named Bo, as a congratulations present. 

Bo is not only a companion to the President and his family, but has his own presidential duties. The 5-year-old canine has kept Obama company on his long nights working in the Oval office; has visited children in hospital (with supervision from the President and Michelle Obama, of course) and greets guests on tours of the White House.  

Sunny has only been with the family since Monday (19 August) but she already seems to be fitting in with the Obama's fairly well. Bo is particularly pleased with his little sister as Michelle Obama has previously mentioned having to set up "doggie play dates" because "Bo doesn't have enough dog interaction." 

 President Obama
President Barack Obama giving a speech in Miami in March 2013.