Yahoo have released the results of 2012's most searched items. Bing released their's last week with Kim Kardashian, Justin Bieber and the iPhone 5 were among the most searched for terms. Yahoo's list is a little more political, with the top search item being the American Election.

News stories, as opposed to celebrities, are rarely found at the top spot, as Yahoo themselves said, and in the last twelve years only the BP Oil Spill and Michael Jackson's death have managed to do it. So, depending on what way you see it, the election is certainly one of the only positive news stories to come in at number one. 

In at #2 is the iPhone 5, with #3 is Kim Kardashian, whose search profile has been raised by her relationship with Kanye West and her ongoing divorce from the man who was her husband 72 days, Kris Humphries. Kate Upton is #4, Kate Middleton is #5 and the late Whitney Houston at #6. More respectable searches for the Olympics and 'Political Polls' take #7 and #8 respectively, while the queen of celebrity dramas Lindsay Lohan takes #9th and the whole list rounded off by Jennifer Lopez at #10. 

Surprisingly, Rihanna is nowhere to be seen in any of the polls, although her maybe/maybe not boyfriend Chris Brown is included in the list of 'Celebrity Turkeys', for being well hated. Honey Boo Boo and Gangnam Style are among the 'Top Obsessions'. Which is no surprise, given that this is celebrity news generation in which 'weird' is synonymous with 'wonderful'.