Barbra Streisand owes her big break to Liza Minnelli because the CABARET star fought for her fellow superstar to appear on her mother Judy Garland's TV show. Minnelli reveals she urged her mum to check out Streisand after hearing the HELLO DOLLY singer performing live and told Garland to ignore criticisms that she "looked funny". She explains, "I said to my mom, 'You've gotta hear this singer, she's just great; she sings in a key nobody's ever sung in.' "I took my mom to the Coconut Grove to hear Streisand and there were all kinds of people at the table saying, 'Well, we don't know if she's any good or not; she's funny looking.' "She (Streisand) walked on the stage, she sang the first eight bars of her opening song and my mother turned to the people around the table and said, 'You're all crazy, and I want her on my show.' I felt so great because my mom knew talent."