Good news for fans of musicals, 20th century Hollywood, uninhibited glamour and, well, pure awesomeness – Barbra Streisand is starring in a new film!

And it comes out this week! And it also stars Seth Rogen! The Guilt Trip falls in the extremely popular as of recently road trip category and follows the exploits of hapless inventor Andy (Rogen), who goes on a, you guessed it, road trip. Standard fare so far, but the twist comes when Andy is guilted into bringing along his mother (Streisand). Unlike its fellow road trip type films, this one won’t be focusing on teenage drama or bachelor comedy, a la The Hangover. Instead, the movie will focus on Streisand’s character getting closer to her son.

It will be interesting to see an older, more balanced protagonist in this type of situation for sure, especially with Streisand in the part. The Guilt Trip also promises quite a few comedic moments, which would fit Streisand perfectly, as would Rogen of course. The 70-year-old actress kick started her Hollywood career with the 1965 comedy Funny Girl and has continued to shine in starring and supporting roles in various comedies over the years. Overall, despite the limited promotion, The Guilt Trip promises to be a great family experience over Christmas.