Barron Hilton, the younger brother of Paris Hilton, was apparently beaten up by an unknown hoodlum at a party in Miami and he claims that Lindsay Lohan was behind the whole thing. According to TMZ, the 24-year-old younger Hilton sibling was at a party at a mansion in Miami where Lindsay was staying, when he was jumped by an unknown assailant after allegedly bad mouthing LiLo.

Barron HiltonLindsay Lohan
Barron claims Lindsay orchestrated the attack

According to the TMZ report, Lindsay was in town for an arts festival and held the night-long party, with Barron turning up at some point in the night. When talk began circulating around the mansion that Barron was bad mouthing Lindsay, she is said to have confronted him with her boyfriend, who then proceded to attack him.

Police spoke with Barron after the incident and he claimed that he wasn't sure who it was that attacked him, but was convinced that it was Lindsay who ordered the attack. Barron told police that Lindsay confronted him saying, "You talk sh*t about me to my boyfriend, this is what you get," at which point her unnamed male accomplice began to beat him up. Throughout the attack, Hilton claims that Lohan continued to egg her partner on and laughed at Barron's misfortune throughout the attack.

TMZ spoke with Lindsay's father, Michael Lohan, after the alleged attack, who denied his daughter having anything to do with it, and says that she left the party before the incident even took place. Lindsay is denying being involved in the attack too, however new video evidence shows Barron speaking directly to her moments after he was ambushed. The video is available on TMZ.

In the video, Barron is nearly face-to-face with Lindsay, with his face still bloodied from the attack. The video puts LiLo's alibi under intense scrutiny and something tells us we won't be hearing the end of this for a long time.

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And we thought Lindsay was improving her behaviour