Two of the star's offspring, Patty King and Karen Williams, are pressing for a police investigation over his death earlier this month (May15), alleging he was deliberately poisoned.

The musician's lawyer has denied the accusation and suggested the two women are upset over the size of their inheritance, and now another of the star's daughters has spoken out urging all concerned to back off until after her father's remains are buried in Mississippi on Saturday (30May15).

Shirley King tells the New York Daily News, "This could have waited until my dad was laid to rest. His fans are so upset. I don't want to fight. I just want my dad to get his due respect. I loved my dad with all my heart and soul, and I'm hurting. He doesn't deserve this."

She also suggested both sides should get together to take lie detector tests, adding, "I don't know who's doing what. Whoever is in the wrong, I want to stand with the side in the right, but I don't know who's in the right. I don't know who did what."

King passed away aged 89 at his home in Las Vegas after suffering a series of strokes. Cops are awaiting the results of toxicology tests before deciding whether to launch a probe into the poisoning allegation.