The celebrated musician, who passed away in May (15), aged 89, named Toney as his executor, but some of the star's offspring have challenged the appointment, alleging she misappropriated funds and mistreated him prior to his death.

They also claimed King had been poisoned, prompting a probe by a coroner.

Toney's legal team has now filed documents with a court in Nevada asking a judge to confirm her as executor, and included testimonials from three doctors swearing King was properly cared for before he died, as well as an affidavit from one of the star's granddaughters who visited the guitarist shortly before he passed away.

The document notes that King was "able to smile, eat, laugh and watch westerns on television up until the time he fell asleep" and never woke up.

Toney's lawyer Brent Bryson tells the Associated Press, "We're asking the probate commissioner to approve (Toney) as executor and personal representative of the estate. The spurious and unjustified allegations made against Ms. Toney by (King's daughters) Patty King, Karen Williams and (their lawyer) Larissa Drohobyczer will be dealt with at a later time."

Toney has vehemently denied the accusations.