BBC Three's move to an online only format has been delayed. The channel was initially intended to become online only from autumn 2015 onwards but the BBC reports that the format change will be after Christmas 2015.

BBC ThreeBBC Three will switch to an online only format sometime this year.

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The BBC is currently waiting for approval from the BBC Trust who is running a public value test, drawing on public opinion before publishing their results later this year. A decision on the channel's format will reportedly be reached by September. 

The plans to change the format were announced last year. When the changeover comes, the programmes will be available BBC iPlayer and through such sites as Facebook and YouTube. The plans were greeted with a wave of criticism as many feel programmes will not be produced effectively for the new channel. 

However, BBC controller Damian Kavanagh promises as soon as the Trust makes the decision they channel will begin working on their online and social media presence. 

"We won't be rushed. We will do what's right for our fans, not to satisfy deadlines," Kavanagh told Broadcast (via the BBC). 

"Once we have the Trust's final decision, we'll start doing more online and in social [media], building up to a move online. You simply can't turn around something as groundbreaking as this overnight."

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