The Beach Boys founder Mike Love paid tribute to George Harrison by releasing a previously unheard track on Tuesday (25Feb14) to mark what would have been The Beatles star's 71st birthday.

The Good Vibrations singer wrote Pisces Brothers in 2004 based on his trip to India with The Beatles in 1968, and the song's title refers to the astrological sign he shared with Harrison.

Love says, "This being the 50th anniversary of The Beatles coming to America, I wanted to commemorate this incredibly significant trip we all took together to India... It was enormously influential on all of us, most especially George. The song is really sentimental for me, and meant to honour George Harrison's remarkable contribution to music. And how, in this one moment in time, we got together, as the song says, not fortune or for fame, but for enlightenment."

Harrison died in 2001, aged 58.