Beady Eye's new album is ''30 per cent weird s**t''.

The 'Flick of the Finger' band have made much of the experimenting they did in the studio for their second album, 'BE', but singer Liam Gallagher promises they have abandoned their rock roots completely.

He told NME magazine: ''Seventy per cent rock 'n' roll and 30 per cent weird s**t and I'll be a happy man.''

Speaking about 'Second Bite of the Apple', the album's first single, Liam added: ''This is one where [producer Dave Sitek] said, 'Let's go f***ing out there'. We were like, 'We like this style, it's not too far out the box, we can do this'.''

Liam also said the group won't be playing ''so much stuff'' off Beady Eye's first album, 'Different Gear Still Speeding' in their live sets, and no more than two songs by his former band, Oasis, as he doesn't want to live in the past.

He explained: ''We'll keep it at two because there's too many people loitering in the past. We can't be doing 10 of them in the set because we're not Oasis. [Brother and former Oasis bandmate] Noel does quite a bit but that's his f***ing thing: Splitting up Oasis then putting half the f***ing songs in your f***ing set, its schizophrenic.

''If you want to lay f***ing Oasis songs put the band back together and stop being a f***ing gobs***e. But he hasn't got the balls to do [his band] High Flying Birds on his own, that's just the nature of the man.''