Six months after leaving the Discovery Channel, Bear Grylls has signed up to front a new reality show for NBC, titled 'Get Out Alive.' The fearless adventurer will host the show that features two teams attempting to survive in the wild, reports the Los Angeles Times.

NBC has given the green light to the series, ordering eight episodes and setting aside a prime-slot slot for next summer. In a statement announcing the deal, Paul Telegdy, president of alternative and late night programming at NBC, said, "To meet Bear is to meet a force of nature. He is a magnetic and charismatic talent, whose infectious enthusiasm for adventure inspires people to push themselves beyond their limits. These contestants are in for the ride of their lives!" Though the creative details of 'Get Out Alive' are yet to be revealed, it's likely the teams will be dropped in some remote spot in the Sahara or the Antarctic and forced to do whatever it takes to survive!

Though Grylls has established himself as a popular television personality, he arrives at NBC on the back of controversy. He raised eyebrows in 2006 when it emerged his show 'Man vs Wild' was misleading viewers about some of the situations in which Grylls found himself in. Earlier this year, The Hollywood Reporter reported how the Discovery Channel terminated his contract after he refused to participate in two projects he was contracted for.