Bear Grylls has signed a £1m deal to pen some thrillers, and such is the confidence of the man, he reckons Dan Ranger, an "ex-SAS, ecologist and adventurer extraordinaire" and one of the ‘survival expert’s’ characters - will combine the "best of Bond, Bourne and Indiana Jones".

Bear GryllsBear Grylls' new show, "The Island" has been accused of being sexist

This will be Grylls’ first foray into novel writing, and will see Ranger “embark upon a ground-breaking expedition – one with quest-like, historical detective overtones – working out of his corporate and charitable headquarters aboard the MV Global Challenger".

Grylls does have writing form, commercially at least. ‘Mud, Sweat and Tears’ – a memoir – was a huge financial success, while his 14 other books, which include children’s books, have sold well. And given that he’s penning his new set of novels in collaboration with former war reporter and thriller author Damien Lewis, Gryll’s novels should find a fairly substantial market to tap into. People who read Dan Brown books and buy Top Gear specials on DVD, mostly.

Mr. Bear - who has been accused of sitting in hotels and eating blueberry muffins instead of sleeping inside camels in the past – has recently reacted to critics suggesting his new show, The Island, which sees 13 men on a desert island with the single goal of survival. 

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Accused of being sexist, Grylls defended the show, saying: “This show was very much a study of modern masculinity so it was obviously going to be an all-male cast, it would have been crazy to have it any other way but it's nothing to do with who is the stronger sex, men or women.” (Mail Travel)