Bear Grylls has been fired by the Discovery Channel. According to the Hollywood Reporter today (March 13, 2012), his contract with the TV network has been terminated as a result of contractual disputes. The British TV personality, famed for showcasing his impressive survival techniques, has starred in the Discovery Channel's show Man vs. Wild since 2006.
A spokesperson for Discovery told the Hollywood Reporter that "due to a continuing contractual dispute with Bear Grylls, Discovery has terminated all current productions with him." It is thought that they have struggled to get Bear to participate in two unconfirmed projects that he was contracted to take part in. The show has earned Grylls a number of celebrity admirers, such as Will Ferrell, Jake Gyllenhaal and Ben Stiller, who have tagged along with him and his show also aired in the UK on Channel 4. The show has been beset by controversy since it began, with some of the early episodes marred by allegations that Bear spent the night in local motels, when the programme led viewers to believe that he was fending for himself out in the wild.