Horovitz contacted Howlett ahead of his band's appearance at Reading Festival in England in 1998 after learning the British dance group planned to play their hit Smack My B**ch Up at the event.

The Prodigy famously refused to agree to Horovitz's request to drop the track from their set, and they went one step further by telling the crowd about the U.S. band's complaint over the song.

Now Howlett has revealed he was so angry about the surprise phone call from Horovitz that he tried to hunt him down backstage at the festival to confront him.

He tells Mojo magazine, "That there's someone I've grown up with and respect and f**king love, and all of a sudden they've just wiped out all that respect... I thought maybe he's ringing up to do a collaboration. I was so taken aback. I went to Reading with anger - 'Where the f**k are they? Come on, let's go', you know what I mean? But it backfired on them because we're in England now and The Prodigy are loved in England and Smack My B**ch Up is loved as an anthem. They got it so wrong."