THE Beatles' classic track ALL MY LOVING was eerily playing on hospital loudspeakers as medics desperately battled to save John Lennon's life.
On the 30th anniversary of the iconic musician's death, a witness in the hospital emergency room that night has revealed the chilling coincidence as the Fab Four song played in the background just minutes after the shot star was rushed in.
Alan Weiss, an ABC news reporter who was at the hospital for treatment to a leg injury, saw Lennon carried in by two police officers who told medics the musician had suffered a "gunshot in the chest".
And he later heard a "shriek" from Lennon's wife Yoko Ono as a doctor broke the news her husband was dead.
Weiss says, "I'm sitting on the gurney and I'm able to look into the room and watch them work on John, and he's lying there on a bed and he's surrounded by medical staff, and all his clothes are off, and I just remember there being a lot of blood...
"I lay down, they took the gurney and they took me out of the emergency room and they put me in another room right outside the emergency room... The hospital plays muzak and the song that comes up on the muzak is All My Loving. The song ends. A minute, two minutes later there is a shriek - 'No, no, oh no, oh no'."
In a chilling irony, Lennon had praised All My Loving - a 1963 track written by Paul MCCartney - in an interview with Playboy magazine just months before his death.
He said, "All My Loving is (written by) Paul, I regret to say. Ha ha ha... Because it's a damn good piece of work... But I play a pretty mean guitar in back."
Lennon died 30 years ago on 8 December, 1980 after he was shot four times outside his New York home by deranged fan Mark Chapman.