It’s been less than a week since The Beatles’ back catalogue finally hit streaming services and music fans all over the world have been indulging in all the Fab Four’s classic hits. But the band’s arrival to the streaming world has perhaps also helped to settle a long-standing debate among music fans, as to what is the definitive Beatles’ song.

The BeatlesThe Beatles’ back catalogue is now available on streaming services.

At 00.01am on Christmas Eve The Beatles’ music hit stream hit almost every major streaming platform including Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play, TIDAL, and Amazon Prime. It marked the end of the group shunning the streaming world, finally bringing their music into the 21st century.

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Now Spotify have released a list of the Top 10 tracks streamed both globally and in the UK and the results will be of great interest to any Beatles fan. ‘Come Together’, the band’s 1969 hit from album Abbey Road, appears to be the clear favourite, topping both the UK an global list.

‘Hey Jude’ is also a favourite, coming in second on the UK list and third worldwide. There’s also plenty of love for the band’s earlier, more up-tempo work with 'Twist and Shout', 'Love Me Do', and 'I Want To Hold Your Hand' all ranking highly.

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The streaming service has also revealed that 65% of those listening to The Beatles were under the age of 34 and tracks were added to over 673k playlists in the last two days.

Here are the UK and global lists in full:

UK: Most streamed tracks by The Beatles on 24 and 25 December 

1. ‘Come Together’

2. ‘Hey Jude’

3. ‘Here Comes the Sun’

4. ‘Twist and Shout’

5. ‘Let It Be’

6. ‘I Want To Hold Your Hand’

7. ‘Help!’

8. ‘Love Me Do’

9. ‘I Feel Fine’

10. ‘She Loves You’

GLOBAL: Most streamed tracks by The Beatles on 24 and 25 December

1. ‘Come Together’

2. ‘Let It Be’

3. ‘Hey Jude’

4. ‘Love Me Do’

5. ‘Yesterday’

6. ‘Here Comes The Sun’

7. ‘Help!’

8. ‘All You Need Is Love’

9. ‘I Want To Hold Your Hand’

10. ‘Twist And Shout’