The man credited with bringing the Beatles together has died at his home in England.
Bassist Ken Brown was found dead at his house in Essex, south-east England, on Monday (14Jun10) after a concerned relative raised the alarm with local police when the 70 year old failed to respond to calls.
Brown is hailed as the man who kick-started the Beatles back in 1959.
The musician played in the Les Stewart Quartet with a then-unknown George Harrison. The pair later left the group and teamed up with young rockers Paul MCCartney and John Lennon in The Quarrymen.
Brown was later side-lined by injury and fell out with his bandmates in a disagreement over money.
Harrison, MCCartney and Lennon famously went on to form the Beatles and Brown played with Pete Best, who was later poached by his former bandmates before being replaced in the Beatles by Ringo Starr.
In his later years, Brown moved away from the Beatles' native Liverpool, England and opened a snooker hall in his adopted Essex.