Beatles legend Ringo Starr refuses to write an autobiography, insisting publishers would only be interested in the book if it included stories about the late John Lennon.
The Fab Four's drummer - real name Richard Starkey - turns 70 this summer (Jul10) but he won't be marking the landmark age by recalling his life's events for his memoirs.
He says, "I have no intention of ever writing a book. People will offer you money as long as you tell them what John Lennon was really like. I could do 12 volumes about my life before I ever got into the band. I have more life than that but they only want to know about that one."
But Starr insists fans can gain insight into his life by listening to his music, adding, "(Songwriting is) better for me than doing it in a book. In two lines I can say what would take five pages."