The Beatles' longtime assistant Tony Bramwell is convinced the Fab Four would not have recorded as many classics in their later years had it not been for Paul McCartney - because John Lennon was too lazy to make it to the studio.
In new documentary Beatles Stories, the group's childhood pal and devoted sideman reveals Lennon's decision to live outside of London and his love of sleeping the days away in the country could have brought the Beatles to a crawl.
He explains, "John lived 30 miles outside of London; Paul lived next door to Abbey Road (studios), so Paul used to pop in anytime he felt (like it), walk round (in his) bare feet anytime, day or night.
"For John to do something, he had to get a chauffeur to pick him up (and) take him in... and he was a lazy b**tard. He spent a lot of time sleeping."
And Bramwell admits Lennon's attitude often became too much for his bandmates: "John and George (Harrison) never ever saw completely eye to eye. That's why George always shared Paul's mic. The Beatles, to John, were he and Paul - or just he."