The Beatles' cover of the classic Buddy Holly track 'Words of Love' is certainly not new but director Pete Candeland (Gorillaz, Imagine Dragons) has given the track a new lease of life with a partially animated music video.

The Beatles
The Beatles Are Reunited Via Pete Candeland's Video.

The clip uses footage from The Beatles' concerts, tomfoolery and time on the road and intersperses them with cute animation which gives the short video an endearing, home-woven aesthetic.

We see the band's "tourbus" loaded to the sky with luggage drive up and down and undulating landscape and see screaming fans clamour to get close to the band as multi-coloured confetti streams from the sky. 50 years after their debut album, Please, Please Me, was released, the video gives an impressive look at the frenzied Beatlemania days.

Watch The Beatles' 'Words Of Love' Music Video:

The video perfectly chimes with the often psychedelic vibe of The Beatles' music as one shot of a tourbus coursing up and down a rollercoaster melds into another speckled 1960s shot of the Fab Four grinning or recording in a studio.

The Beatles Black & White
The Video Crosses Real Footage With Adorable Animation.

The video lands in the same month as the BBC's Beatles rarities album, 'On Air - Live At The BBC Volume 2', which showcases the many songs that the Liverpool band recorded in the BBC's studios throughout their career. The 63 track compilation was extracted from the impressive 275 unique musical performances The Beatles played for the BBC Between March 1962 and June 1965 and also includes 23 previously unreleased excerpts of studio conversation and bantering with the BBC radio hosts.

The Beatles' 'On Air - Live at the BBC, Volume 2' compilation is out now on Capitol.