Bebe Rexha plans on hitting the studio with Labrinth soon.

The 'I Got You' singer is massive fan of the British singer/songwriter, 28, and is hoping to work on some fresh new tunes with him when she has time off next.

She told KISS FM: ''We're having one day off, so I really want to get in with Labrinth. I think he's an incredible writer, there's something about him.''

The 27-year-old beauty has explained why she has decided to stagger the release of her forthcoming record 'All Your Fault'.

The 'Hey Mama' hitmaker was feeling ''bitter'' on the first few tracks because her relationship had ended and her manager decided to stop working with her, but after being comforted by her mother and falling for someone else she was inspired to write her latest single 'I Got You', which changed the direction of her record.

She shared: ''I have an album coming out called 'All Your Fault'. When I got my heart broken by my ex I was bitter so then I wrote the first part of this album. It's really moody, dark, rhythmic, urban.

''Then as I started changing and I was over him I got a crush on somebody else. I really like this other guy and I know that he likes me but we had our walls up. That's why I wrote 'I Got You, because I can see you hurting, I've been through the same thing'.

''It was interesting because I got my heart broken and at the time I had a music manager and my best friend was my assistant. At the same time my ex broke up with me, my manager came to my house one day and was like 'I don't want to manage you anymore' and my best friend decided to go work for my manager.

I was like in LA crying. Thank god, my mother flew up from New York city. She was like, 'You need to have somebody watch you because you are too depressed right now'. But I went to the studio and this first part was like bam, bam, bam, was like six songs in a row, we did it. And then the second part is completely like a change, stronger.''