Becky G created her beauty line to "empower" others.

The 24-year-old singer decided to launch her Treslúce Beauty collection with an assortment of vibrant eye products to help beauty lovers recreate makeup trends that make them feel "welcome" in the beauty space.

She told People: "Growing up on the internet, it wasn't always the nicest place," Becky shares. "Sometimes beauty trends can make you feel like you're not 'cool enough' or 'pretty enough' to pull off a look … we really need to empower each other more in the beauty space.

"That's why I created the 'I Am Palette,' so people always feel welcome and empowered when they're interacting with our projects."

The 'Ram pam pam' hitmaker decided to pay homage to her Latinx heritage within her collection by choosing her favourite affirmations in English and Spanish, including "Hustle," "Grateful," "Poderosa," which translates to "Powerful" in English and "Divina," which means "Divine."

She also chose the name Treslúce as it pulls two Spanish words: "Tres," which means three, and "Luce," a slang term to compliment someone's appearance.

Becky infused her eyeshadows with Mexican blue agave sourced from Jalisco, Mexico, where Becky's grandparents are from.

She explained: "I love tequila, so I thought, 'How can I put it in makeup?' It makes the shadow's consistency smoother, buttery and hydrating."

What's more, Becky plans to highlight Latinx activists and artists in her campaigns by using the brand's platform to amplify issues of diversity, equity and inclusion.

She added: "We want to do things that are outside of the box than what we've seen in the beauty industry before, as far as bringing a community aspect to it, and talking about important issues that don't necessarily have to do with makeup. Our brand's social awareness is one thing I'm very, very proud of."