Bee Gees star Barry Gibb made the agonising decision to leave his dying brother Robin's bedside to fly to America for the birth of his granddaughter.

Robin passed away at a medical centre in England last year (12) after a long battle with cancer, and his brother Barry was across the Atlantic at his home in Miami, Florida when the news came through.

Barry has now revealed he was in the U.K. with his brother shortly before his death, but had to leave his bedside to support his son Travis as his wife Stacy gave birth.

Robin died two days after his brother flew back to the U.S., and Barry admits he was faced with an impossible decision.

He tells Britain's Daily Mail, "We'd (Barry and his wife Linda) had to leave Rob in hospital two days before (he died), because our son Travis and his wife Stacy were about to have our granddaughter, Taylor. They needed our support - the attention of Mum and Dad. So, from birth to death. It was such a dichotomy."