Maurice and Lulu were already huge stars when they wed in 1969, but the relationship faltered amid the pressure of their careers, and they divorced in 1973.

Barry, a popular star in his native Britain in the early 1970s, had worked for Bee Gees manager Robert Stigwood before finding fame, and he recalls being posted as a lookout in the street outside the band's management office in London to warn Maurice if Lulu was on her way.

Taking to to share his memories of Robert, who passed away on Monday (04Jan16), Barry writes, "Strangely enough I worked for Robert Stigwood in 1967 in my youth... my main job was to keep Maurice Gibb and Lulu apart for as long as possible as they were progressing towards divorce by standing on the corner of Brook Street and running into the office to inform Maurice of when she was within 100 yards of the door so he could nip out of the back... I'm sure I have a book to write somewhere..."