Alexander Skarsgard found being a teenager ''confusing''.

The 38-year-old Swedish actor, who stars alongside Bel Powley in the new comedy-drama 'The Diary of a Teenage Girl', has revealed the emotional turmoil he went through as a young man, admitting he felt unsure of himself for a variety of reasons.

He said: ''I remember being a teenager, it's f**king confusing, 'Am I the only one with these thoughts? What's going on with my body, my sexuality?' That transformation is a confusing time.''

Meanwhile, Skarsgard also claimed there's a distinction between how boys' and girls' attitudes towards sex are portrayed on film.

He told The Big Issue: ''As a boy, you see all these guys in American comedies and think, 'I'm just like them because they're fun and cool and we think about sex.'

''But as a girl you go, 'F**k, what's wrong with me? Why do I feel like an American teenage boy!?' This story is more uncomfortable because people haven't seen it before.''

Despite this, Skarsgard is disbelieving of the film's 18 rating in the UK, saying it could be shown on the ''Cartoon Network in Sweden''.

He admitted: ''I find it mind-blowing. How can it be more offensive to show a nipple than see someone's head be bashed in by a baseball bat? This movie would be shown on the Cartoon Network in Sweden.''