Review of Eve The Apple Of My Eye Single by Bell X1

Bell X1

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Bell X1 - Eve The Apple Of My Eye - Single Review

Bell X1

Eve The Apple Of My Eye

‘Music In Mouth’ by Ireland’s subtle songsters; Bell X1 is to Keane’s Hopes & Fears album what Ibuprofen is Neurofen; they both relieve pain effectively but the latter managed to corner the market due to ”Exposure” and “Marketing Strategy”. Having once had Damien Rice in their ranks the Dublin quintet, since the release of their debut album over a year ago have enthusiastically taken their somber, keyboard fuelled sound around the country in support of the likes of Keane,

Bell X1 - Eve The Apple Of My Eye - Single Review

Aqualung and with The Veils. ‘Eve The Apple Of My Eye’ is the epitome of their laid back and contemplative sound featuring strident guitars and Aqualung style keyboard accompaniment, with Paul Noonan’s soulful, sincere and crisp vocals lifting this religion coated offering.

B-side ‘Ten Paces’ is a crisp five minute plus melody with an eerily slow guitar build up then Noonan’s almost C & W vocals kicking to fire thoughtful lyrics at us;

“Let the meek inherit the earth, they’ll come right into town.

Sinking heaven and raising hell from ten paces.”

Also featuring on this neat offering is a slow and well crafted cover of the Justin Timberlake song; ‘Like I Love You’ to keep listeners on their toes. Bell X1 will continue to creep into the public domain with each intriguing offering.

David Adair