Review of Tongue Single by Bell X1

Bell X1

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Bell X1-Tongue - Single review
Bell X1 have done a good deed here. For the indie maniac there is a blend of greatness. Bizarre lyrics become intriguing and currently doing well to spread themselves around to the scene. People are talking not just about the biggest names now but the up and coming people that can add a taste of class to what has already been done. Not a major effect but with these you think yes ok they have something here. What's good about it is they are not afraid to by themselves by this song. Singing about a tongue is not your everyday occurrence and a risky

Music - Bell X1-Tongue - Single review

thing if that. So to sum it up there's not much to complain about here. And much like the Darkness are set about having a laugh and enjoying the music they are producing instead of taking themselves to seriously. Unfortunately alot of these less heard of bands only sponge a minimum amount of glory. I hope this can change here. You won't be blown away yet a cold bucket of water moment can't hurt anyone every now and then.