Buzz Bingo have launched a cut-price recreation of Lulu Guinness' iconic Bibi bingo bag.

The designer released a very limited number of the accessory - which has been seen on the arm of the likes of Bella Hadid - last week for £175 and it sold out within 24 hours of going on sale.

But fortunately, disappointed fans can get their hands on a similar bag for just £1.75 after the bingo operator quickly launched their own recreation of the bold, bingo card-themed design.

They wrote on Instagram: ''''Have you seen the new @lulu_guinness Bibi bag?

''Inspired by the nation's beloved game of bingo, the £175 designer bag even counts Bella Hadid as a fan.

So... we've decided to make our own Buzz Bingo version for just £1.75! Maybe we should start selling them in club

''Reckon Bella would swap for our bag if we throw in a game of Breakfast Bingo? (sic)''

The Bibi-inspired bag will go on sale on a trial basis soon, with proceeds being donated to the NHS.

Buzz Bingo - who reopened some clubs last week and has pledged to have all branches reopened by 27 August with enhanced safety measures in place - are also supporting the NHS with the introduction of NHS Lucky Stars in its Main Event games. The organisation will receive a 5p donation from the sale of every paper book and electronic touchpad package.

Lulu Guinness designer David Hogson recently spoke about the huge popularity of the Bibi bags, which also feature designs including crossword puzzles and dominos.

He said: ''In the last two weeks we've seen Lily James, Lucy Boynton and Bella Hadid carrying the bags.

''Last Saturday, we sold 12 Bibis alone.

''Both old and new customers are coming in to buy the Bibi because it's got echoes from the archive which loyal customers will recognise, but for a younger customer it's just a bit of fun.''