Review of The Life Pursuit Album by Belle And Sebastian

Belle And Sebastian
The Life Pursuit
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Belle And Sebastian The Life Pursuit Album

Belle and Sebastian are one of those bands who enjoy a fair size cult of fairly laid-back arty types, who love their non-mainstream releases. Unfortunately for the cult, The Life Pursuit, the seventh album from the Glaswegian super-troupe, threatens to break the non-commercial record. The mainstream has never been so tilted to the left, and Belle and Sebastian's previous twee approach has been gently left behind to produce an extremely consistent single album. Culled from the original double, the subtly sensitive song cores remain, as does the pop sensibility (think The Smiths fronted by Art Garfunkel instead of Morrisey), but the overlaying of a wonderful 70s glam rock sharpens the edge and the energy somewhat. It's not quite Franz Ferdinand, fortunately, but the spikiness of the Life Pursuit makes it the best way into Belle and Sebastian for someone who hasn't yet taken the plunge.


Mike Rea
Adult Contemporary Essentials