LATEST: Hollywood hunk Ben Affleck was finally handed his GOLDEN RASPBERRY AWARD on live TV last night (16MAR04) - but quickly handed it over to LARRY KING instead of keeping it for himself.

The movie star and his ex-fiancee Jennifer Lopez's flop film Gigli made RAZZIE history last month (FEB04) when it picked up

all six major awards - including worst actor for Affleck.

And while the actor expressed his disappointment in not having received the trophy over the last few days, he was slightly left embarrassed when it was handed it to him on Larry King LIVE.

He asked King as the small trophy was taken out of the box, "Is this the real thing, or is this some fake?

"I like it. What do I get this for? It's a little cheap, guys!

"That's very kind of them. They were pleased with Gigli, I understand. We swept the Razzies for Gigli and Pearl Harbor."

He then told King, "I'm probably gonna leave it here and make you a gift of it, Larry. Because I love you that much, I'm gonna let you have this. Put that on your shelf with your EMMYS and the rest of whatever you got there."

But King curtly responded, "It's a piece of c**p!"

17/03/2004 21:02