Last night we caught our first glimpse of Ben Affleck in his new role as Batman ready to appear in Zack Snyder's action sequel alongside Henry Cavill's Superman. Following a long line of caped crusaders, Affleck doesn't push boundaries in his new get-up though he does look extremely cool.

Ben Affleck
The First Teaser Image Has Been Released Showing Ben Affleck As Batman.

The new snap shows Affleck clad as Batman entirely in black with the obligatory pointy-eared cowl, flowing black cloak and muscle armour. He is posed next to his formidable batmobile which looks otherworldly with its matte black finish, chunky tyres, tiny windows and jagged edges. The image is steeped in atmosphere - Adam West this is surely not - as Batman faces up to the challenge of reigning in the crime-stricken Gotham.

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The photo follows another posted by the director showing the back of the batmobile peeking out from underneath some tarpaulin. "Could be time to pull the tarp...tomorrow?" Snyder teased. The new car has been designed by Patrick Tatopoulos, who is known for his work on 300: Rise of an Empire.

Henry Cavill
Batman Will Be Teaming Up With Henry Cavill's Superman In The Upcoming Action Movie.

The movie hasn't received an official title yet but has been tentatively named Batman Vs. Superman on account of the planned clash between these most iconic of superheroes. It is not yet clear whether the two with meet and end up joining forces against evil or waging war on each other.

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Ben Affleck's initial casting as Batman last year was met with a great deal of internet outrage with petitions and Facebook pages purporting that the Argo star was just wrong, wrong, wrong. Now the tides of fury seem to have been abated, especially since shots from filming in Detroit have been shared.

Zack Snyder
Zack Snyder Took A Lot Of Flack For Casting Affleck; Now The Fury Seems To Have Died Down.

Affleck and Cavill will be joined by The Social Network's Jesse Eisenberg in the upcoming blockbuster as well as Israeli model and actress Gal Gadot playing Wonder Woman. Batman Vs. Superman will be released on the 6th May 2016.

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