Who knew that Ben Affleck was a wicked smart card counter? Well, it turns out that Hard Rock Casino in Las Vegas suspect that he is! The casino have banned him from playing blackjack as he was allegedly just “too good.”  Not content with winning tons of awards he's now winning at cards as well.  Some people have all the luck.

Ben Affleck card countingBen Affleck has been accused of card counting by a major Las Vegas casino

Casinos have become one of the most interesting institutions to base films on.  There's something quite alluring and sexy about the high rollers of the casino world and the dirty goings on that attracts film makers.  Here are our top five casino movies. 


OK, so technically the casino isn’t the focal point of Casablanca, but Rick’s Cafe is one of the most iconic casinos of the film world. This 1942 film is undeniably one of the greatest movies of all time.

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Martin Scorceses’s 1995 epic is packed full of the creme-de-la-creme of gangster actors. Joe Pesci, James Woods and Robert De Niro all reunite, while a manipulative Sharon Stone plays a hustler more dangerous than her Basic Instinct character. Set in the underground mob scene of the Vegas casino world, Casino was described by critic Ellen Twadell as “a violent story of vice and virtue.”

Casino Royale

OK, so it’s hard to come across a Bond movie where he doesn’t end up in a casino, but Casino Royale definitely has the best casino scene of all the Bond films. The poker scene between Bond and bad guy Le Chiffre is tense and has some seriously high stakes. “Raise one million,” is enough to make anyone catch their breath.  We fold.

Ocean’s Eleven

Clooney, Pitt, Damon, Garcia, Cheadle and Roberts…it’s worth watching just for the star-studded cast. Based on the 1960 Rat Pack movie on the same name, Ocean’s Eleven is sharp, smart and packed full of humour. Ocean’s Eleven became the highest grossing movie of 2001.

Ben Mezrich 21Ben Mezrich, pictured here, wrote the book on which '21' is based


Based on a true story, 21 tells the story of a group of card counters from MIT who begin counting cards to pay for extortionate university fees. The script was adapted from Ben Mezrich’s best-selling non-fiction book Bringing Down The House.

Perhaps Ben Affleck could do a remake now that he’s allegedly a card counter? We suggest sort of a mix between Good Will Hunting and 21. Good Ben Gambling? Just putting it out there.

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