Ben Affleck is officially not someone we ever want to argue with, especially when it comes to American football. The 'Batman v Superman' star launched a slurred, expletive-laden, unsmiling rant about Deflategate in an appearance on the HBO talk show 'Any Given Wednesday with Bill Simmons' yesterday (June 22nd 2016) that was so bizarre, it left viewers worrying about his mental health.

Ben AffleckBen Affleck really has a problem with deflategate

We've all done it; found that one issue that really grinds our gears and somehow managed to complain about it at the tops of our lungs for a solid ten minutes to a usually disinterested party, and Ben Affleck has proved he's just like the rest of us when it comes to matters he's passionate about.

He launched into a furious rant about 'Deflategate', which is a 2015 National Football League (NFL) scandal involving the New England Patriots who were accused of deflating footballs from the AFC Championship Game against the Indianapolis Colts, presumably to improve gameplay.

'Deflategate is the ultimate bulls**t f***ing outrage of sports ever. It's so f***ing stupid', Affleck blasted to a slighty bemused Bill Simmons. 'You realise they gave [Tom Brady] a suspension for a quarter of the regular season which would be the equivalent of suspending a baseball player for 40 f***ing days, 40 and a quarter days to be exact, which is what they do when you get busted taking steroids.'

He then went on to draw attention to the details behind the 'f***ing ridiculous smear campaign' of New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. 'What they did was suspend Tom Brady for 4 days for not given them his f***ing cell phone, that and for having a friend who called himself 'the deflator'. If I got in trouble for all the things that my friends called themselves, I would be finished', he ranted. 'You wanna give a guy, because he doesn't give you his cell phone, a punishment? I would never give an organisation as leak-prone as the NFL my f***ing cell phone so you could just look through my emails and listen to my voicemails?!'

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Ben Affleck was even cracking jokes about it, and his voice was certainly cracking through the anger, and yet his face remained distinctly uncrackable because there was no way he was going to crack a smile. Fans took to Twitter to blast the actor for being drunk, though sources told TMZ that he was 'stone cold sober' and simply 'fired up' about the subject because he and Simmons were talking about it off camera beforehand.

Either way, we hope he's cooled off by now.