The production team of David Fincher’s upcoming Gone Girl is reportedly courting Ben Affleck for the lead role. The script is based on Gillian Flynn’s eponymous bestseller and the screenplay has been written by Flynn herself.

David Fincher, House of Cards premiere
David Fincher will direct the Gillian Flynn adaptation.

The premise is a classic crime/thriller setup. During a young couple’s five-year anniversary, the wife goes missing. The husband quickly emerges as the prime suspect and is then forced to prove his innocence and, of course, find his wife. Affleck might be signing on for the part of the husband. A bit of background on Affleck’s potential character, Nick Dunne – he is a former writer and current bartender, who leaves behind the disappointments of New York to move with his wife back to his hometown in the Midwest. Rural peace and quiet ensue. Until the disappearance that is. Overall, this sounds like a part right up Affleck’s alley and apparently, it is only the potential for scheduling conflicts that is still holding back the actor.

Ben Affleck, UCLA
Ben Affleck - still on the fence.

If the deal goes through, the actor/writer/director/producer will take on filming for Gone Girl before he starts work on the Warner Bros. production Live By Night. Gone Girl will pair the actor with Reese Witherspoon, whose production company is taking on the project. While the female lead is yet to be announced, rumors have naturally surfaced that Witherspoon might take on the part herself.

Reese Witherspoon, Oscars
Reese Witherspoon is another possible casting choice.