It seems early, but Rotton Tomatoes have announced their films of the year! Of course it's for 2012. But you knew that. Anyway, given that RT score films based on a wide average of reviews, it's the best place to go for the lowdown on all things cinema, apart from Contact Music, of course. Here are the Golden Tomatoes of 2012. 

Topping the list is Argo with 96% on their review meter - that's pretty darn high. The Ben Affleck-directed thriller, with a dark, comedic splice has recently overtaken Lincoln as favourite to win best picture at The Oscars. Second is Looper, which has managed to find itself amongst the top films this year despite being generally snubbed for the big awards. Third, and perhaps surprisingly is Marvel's The Avengers, which scored 92%. 

Joss Whedon's sci-fi comic book epic has been popular amongst the super-geeks and film snobs alike for it's all out entertainment value. Everyone's favourite spy James Bond scored a 4th place spot, and with people claiming Skyfall to be the best bond ever made, it's not hard to see why 007 finished that high. 

Rounding off the top 5 is Wes Anderson's quirky drama-comedy, Moonrise Kingdom. Praised for its beauty and whimsy, Moonrise may not be in contention for honours, but it'll certainly attain the mantel of cult classic in no time. The Cabin in The Woods is next in 6th, and is the only horror film to make the top 10. The Sessions, which RT describes as "Tender, funny and touching" is 7th in the list while Studio Ghibli's The Secret World of Arrietty takes 8th.

The final instalment of the Dark Knight Trilogy, 'Rises' takes 9th, while, rather surprisingly, erstwhile Oscar favourite Lincoln takes 10th. While Argo is now the bookies bet to grab best picture, Steven Spielberg's political biopic is surely worth a bet, and as for best actor in a lead role; that'll go to Daniel Day-Lewis, no doubt.