Finally we’ve able to feast our eyes on Ben Affleck’s Batsuit and well, was it worth the wait? In the black and white photo tweeted by director Zack Snyder a bulky Ben can, for the first time, be seen as the caped crusader, though he doesn’t look to happy about it. Sad Batman memes aside, Affleck probably will be cracking a smile soon as he might just have exceeded our expectations with his new look.

Back in January long time Affleck buddie and Batman enthusiast Kevin Smith got us all excited when he told fans that they had finally been given the suit they “all wanted to see,” by Snyder. Mrs Affleck, Jennifer Garner further echoed Smith’s enthusiasm when she described it as a “complete reinvention” for the character. But it’s easy for Ben’s friends and loved ones to heap the praise on his Batsuit, the question is can we share their enthusiasm?

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In a word yes. In much more words, firstly this is not Ben Affleck as we have seen him before. Anyone who was worried that he wouldn't fit the bill for Batman should maybe take back their words now. He looks huge, in a good way of course. If you thought Affleck wouldn't be able to fill out a muscle suit you’ve been sorely mistaken, he’s clearly been doing double time at the gym. Unlike Christian Bale, Affleck isn't a lean, mean Batman, he’s a mass of muscle who looks more than a match for even Henry Cavill.

Ben AffleckAffleck as we know him

As for the suit being a “reinvention”. It’s clear that Snyder has been heavily influenced by Frank Miller’s 1986 work The Dark Knight Returns. This Batman looks older and darker than we’d seen him before and the suit owes a lot to Miller’s interpretation of the more aged superhero. But there’s also a few other Batman incarnations which give the suit the ring of familiarity. David Finch’s Batman Incorporated design springs to mind as does Jim Lee’s much praised version.

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It certainly looks like a more modern take on the suit compared to other screen incarnations. His muscle mass is played up more than ever before with the suit designed to be the most form fitting yet. One noticeable talking point is those ears. They look to be shorter and less prominent than in Nolan’s movies, which actually make the overall look much better.

Now what about that Batmobile? Really it’s pretty hard to give a definitive verdict based on the image Snyder tweeted, but it does look pretty far removed form Christopher Nolan’s tank esque designs. It looks sleek and sharp and much better equipped for some inevitable high speed chases, really it might be the one thing that owes the most to any previous Batman movies.

SupermanBatman will be facing off with Superman in 2016

Of course not every fan is going to be happy with the new Batsuit, but alas you can't please everyone. But we’ve got to give this one a thumbs up, it looks sleek and modern yet traditional enough to fit in with our iconic image of the caped crusader. Where we excited about Batman vs Superman before? Of course. But now we’ve reached a whole new level of anticipation and suddenly 2016 just feels way too far away.